Committed to Excellence

Top Dalby Agents was established in 1985 and has since developed into one of the most professional and innovative real estate companies of South Australia. 

Starting as a one man operation with Frank Dalby as its founder it has grown into an organization of 50 staff members which include quite a few reputed real estate consultants.

Merging tradition with technology our team of highly motivated and experienced real estate consultants understand the importance of customer service, negotiating the best deals for our clients time after time. When it comes to matching sellers with buyers we are considered amongst the leaders of the South Australian real estate industry.

Our licensed real estate agents are equipped with the latest marketing and management tools ensuring outstanding marketing and procurement of properties to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Our Mission

  • We are committed to providing excellent customer service to all our clients.
  • We believe in communicating effectively with our clients, updating them regularly through emails, phone calls and meetings about their property status.
  • We are devoted to creating a unique marketing campaign for each property using a combination of traditional and online marketing tools.

Why Hire the Right Agent?

Managing real estate affairs can turn out to be an arduous task for buyers and sellers alike. However, with the right agent to guide you at every step of your transaction, assisting you through the process of making decisions your real estate transactions become a breeze.

On the other hand if you overlook the importance of having a good agent on your side, selling and purchasing property may turn out to be an excruciating experience. This is why we at Top Dalby Agents strive to offer you a quality in real estate unsurpassed by others to make your real estate experience a pleasant one.